Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox Sugar Lip Treatment

This winter has been wreaking havoc on my lips. I smile, they crack. I purposely smile to see how dry they really are – they crack and bleed. I tried blistex (the blue little container), the traditional white squeeze tube and the moisture melt… nothing was really repairing them.

Then I came across my empty tube of Fresh Inc Sugar Lip Treatment… for two days I took out whatever little bit was left with a qtip and slathered what I could all over my lips.

Hallelujah! *a halo glows*

I now remember every reason why I love this lip treatment SO FREAKIN MUCH and WHYY ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY <3 After just two days, my lips are almost completely back to normal!!

Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox


For a more detailed blog, check out my past post here: http://loveneelu.com/2013/01/11/chapped-lips-this-winter-fresh-sugar-lip-treatment-to-the-rescue/

Me and My Hubby: Our Fairytale Engagement

After MONTHS of planning and driving everyone up the wall (im so blessed to have such AMAZINGGGG friends and family that love me SOOO MUCHHHH and put up with it all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox x100000000000000000000) it came out so much better than I could have even imagined! <3

Being a makeup artist and being around weddings, photo shoots and sets ALL the time, all I wanted to do was something epic and different. Something romantic that I hadn’t seen but still reflected us <3 After my original plan was scratched (that would have taken a budget of $50,000.00+ LOL… *sighs* one day), I had to put my feet back on the ground and get thinking again… let me know what you thought 🙂


Hair, Makeup & Shoot Coordination by the DMG Designz team of course!! <3

The beautiifulllll setup on the beach by Naz Z of Hasnain Designs
Jewellry by none other than Unique Rainbow Designs
Lengha from Chandan Fashion

Videography and Editing by Gurpreet Dhillon of Avex Studioz

Location: Sherkston Shores Resort

Photography: Ifty Alam (photos to follow in next post 🙂 )

Of course a huggeeeee special thanks to my parents for keeping us all fed and happy 😛 Plus my two helping hands (best girls ever xox) Damara & Tasha <3

And babe if you’re reading this – which I’m sure you will because you’re so unbelievably supporting of everything that I do – I love you so much and I couldn’t be happier… Most amazing start to the rest of our lives <3 Every day since the day that I met you I just fall for you more and more and I know I tell you everytime but it’s true, you’re more than I could have ever dreamed of xox *mwah*


Spotlight: Raadiyah Marries Agha

We had the honour of getting to know Raadiyah and her family all throughout the year 2013 <3 After her bridal trial, she had us booked for each of her prewedding events along with the wedding and the DMG team had a ton of fun coming up with her looks. We wanted looks that would have her looking completely different at each event but we wanted to make sure that Raadiyah still looked and felt like herself <3

Captured by Hina Zainab Photography, below are a few shots from each of her wedding functions…

][ Engagement Photoshoot ][

200105_608365495841778_2142629524_n 942815_608363062508688_382634606_n 995415_629367270408267_558375316_n

][ Mendhi Ceremony ][

1454942_708180515860275_735771907_n 1468548_708180589193601_738927689_n

][ Wedding Ceremony ][

575458_708195495858777_1848223940_n 1453236_708195705858756_1362007092_n 1453298_708195452525448_421113803_n 1466089_708195622525431_362822855_n 1501778_708195772525416_313617177_n

][ The Reception ][

1487411_713840201960973_1381923754_n 1513255_713840155294311_1843980492_n 1533896_713840285294298_250696341_n


*GIVE-AWAY ALERT* Share the Joy – It’s time to CELEBRATE!

So this year, I was selected to be on the La Senza Insider’s panel which basically means I complete survey’s and projects throughout the year in return for a ton of free goodies to make my lingerie stash that much bigger lol <3

The last assignment we received was to reflect on our summer and submit 10 pictures on our most memorable moments or highlight how we spent our summers. At first thought I was like “oh great *sarcastically* all I’ve been doing this summer is working nonnnnn-stoppp!” Then, I started jotting things down…

Usually I spend my summers at the cottage and the beach, skipping work and giving up all life’s responsibilities lol good freakin times! This year it was a bit more grown up but I felt more accomplished than I ever had before. I feel like I finally have perfect balance and grew into the person I was meant to be <3

I got engaged to a man so amazing I couldn’t even have ever dreamt it (and that’s saying a lot from this fairytale filled heart!), coordinated the biggest shoot of my career with 8 vendors on board, won the Wedding Industry Experts award for Best Makeup Artist, TV interview with RogersOne Central, The DMG Team was booked solid every single weekend and long weekend with a 4-9 bridal bookings each weekend, modeled in my first solo music video, acted in a short film by Shutter Images, still managed to spend some time at the beach, explore the underground streets downtown Toronto making the most of my fiancées rainy birthday, caught the bouquet at my friend’s wedding, went to my first concert (Bruno Mars is amazing , for real), zip-lined down Blue Mountain and had my first surprise birthday party ever <3

Sooooo since I’m soooo happy – I want to share the joy and make you all happy toooo! 🙂

All you have to do is share your TOP THREE MEMORABLE MOMENTS OF 2013 TO DATE with pictures and you’ll be entered to win a collection of Makeup Forever Aqua Lipliners, Makeup Forever Aqua Eyeliners AND $50.00 giftcard for MAC Cosmetics!  No shares, no likes required… It’s that simple <3

If you want to make someone else happy too – pass on the contest link 🙂 Sometimes we all need a bit of time to reflect in order to really appreciate how far we’ve come and how good things really are.

Comment below with your moments and the images can be a links to profile, photobucket, etc just be sure to check your privacy settings. The lucky winner will be randomly selected via online generator. Contest closes September 22nd 2013.

Are ya smiling yet? 🙂

<3 Neelu 


Another Day, Another Interview – DMG Designz on Rogers TvOne Central

Everyone on set is here is fabulous and there’s always a ton of giggles (or muffled giggles lol poor audio team in editing).

Anwar Khursheed never ceases to amaze me… every time he plays you’re swept off your feet by each note. For those of you who don’t know him, Anwar Khursheed (http://www.anwarkhurshid.com) is a very famour sitar player and is also the one that taught Mike Myers to play for his role in the movie Austin Powers. He just sits there for hours, making sure we look good, playing on his sitar, serenading us all with his music. You can really feel how he plays that sitar with his heart and soul.

This week we discussed some makeup tips, media’s affect on woman along with some insight into DMG Designz International Model Contest and the reason behind the launch.

For more details on how to take part check out www.dmgdesignz.com. There will definitely be a more detailed blog coming soon about this competition

yup, not only have we gone international, we’ve made it official with a dot com, wooo weee! 😀

Missed the last one? You can catch it here: http://loveneelu.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/dmg-designz-on-one-central/

Goooooooood Morning! :)

Goooooooood Morning! :)

“Success is waking up in the morning and bounding out of bed because there’s something out there that you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, and you can hardly wait to get at it again.”

Off to our first bridal party of the morning… time to “DMG Approve” the world! 🙂

Loving my New Studio!

Loving my New Studio!

Red Carpet Glamour at last has a physical location <3

Specializing in:
Lash Extensions
Weekend Affair Lashes
Strip Lashes
Hair & Makeup by the DMG Designz Team
Image Consulting and Event Styling

There's no place like home. Feels amazing to actually have a place now <3

We still mainly specialize in "on-location" hair and makeup services in and around the toronto area but for lash extensions and bridal trials I couldn't have asked for more <3 Relaxing, personal, chic, pretty… can't wait to see where we go from here.


Why Artist’s “Charge So Much”: The life of a MUA

People often wonder why makeup artists and hair stylists are “so expensive”


Being a makeup artist or hair stylist is so much more than just showing up the day of with your team. When you book an artist, you’re definitely paying for their expertise/skills but there’s a lot more work that goes into prepping beforehand as well.

To give you an idea, here’s some of the things in our job description for a typical wedding booking:
(Keep in mind, we juggle numerous wedding bookings along with regular clients, shoots, events and shows all at once but you’ll never know because when you’re working with us we make sure that it’s all about you <3)

– Quote the client, answer questions via emails, meetings, phone calls, texts
– meet for a consultation or complete a bridal trial
– send out contract based on details
– in the time between the trial and wedding: change contract details, discuss new ideas, help locate wedding vendors, consult about skincare, bridesmaids styles, be a therapist and help assist to keep the bride sane 🙂 <3
– sometimes discuss special requests with bridal party members
– coordinate how payments will be handled, prep invoices
– create/research looks for bridal party based on wedding colours and brides vision
– schedule additional artists and stylists based on party size
– confirm details with bride the week of
– confirm times/locations with team members (and then text them once more a few hours prior to the booking 😛 )
– create folder with all correspondence, images that may have been emailed, trial notes, contract details, payment confirmations, new totals and chart to keep track of services on the day of
– Provide hair and makeup services on the day of the wedding 🙂
– collect any final payments
– confirm chart and issue payments to team members
– clean kit/wash brushes

Now, in no way am I complaining…

Truth is, I don’t work a day in my life because I absolutely love what I do and am blessed to be working alongside a team of really close friends <3 Our clients are absolutely phenomenal and feel like family after spending a few days so close with everyone. I am completely honoured to be booked to be a part of each and every one of my client’s big day and that they trust me for advice, suggestions and guidance <3

Pursing makeup is the best decision I could have ever made and each referral received I take as receiving a record of achievement, our repeat clientèle are like real life trophy’s and receiving pictures of our work is even more exciting than opening presents! <3 I just wanted to give everyone a bit of insight on what exactly it is that we do 🙂


DMG Designz on One Central!


DMG Designz is not only the hair and makeup team for One Central on TvOne Canada but we were also interviewed by hosts Naazish and Ali about hair, makeup, lash extensions and the importance of bridal trials!

We’ll be doing a few more segments with them in regards to beauty tips, makeup artist secrets and quick tutorials so if there’s something you’d love to see or even just have a beauty question – don’t hesitate to drop us a note 🙂

For those of you who didn’t have a chance to catch it on Rogers this past Saturday, here’s the online version <3