Video: Pop Of Colour / Candy Look

I must say – I’m impressed! I usually have this “box” I stay within because I’ve always preferred “pretty” conventional things but when you let go and just go with the flow – good things happen!

Want to learn how to do this yourself? Check out the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydtqAyPExw8

Beauty Director & Makeup Artist: Yours Truly <3 Neelam
Model: Nicole Lopez
Video production & editing: Que Public
Story board: Aneliya Vasilieva
Shot for: South Asian Life magazine.


Video: Sexy Cat-Eyed Liner Tutorial

Want to get this look? Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcDta1xndDw

Makeup Artist: Yours Truly <3 Neelam
Model: Selena Marie
Video production & editing: Que Public
Story board: Aneliya Vasilieva
Shot for: South Asian Life magazine.


Let me tell you… I had the most amazing time at IMATS Toronto! It was deffinitly an experiance of a lifetime and I’m so thankful that Danny from Crown Brushes/Jordane Cosmetics was able to hook me up with a two day pass! THANK YOU <3

I had the chance to watch a ton of great tutorials live from MAC Pro as well as meet Emmy Award Winning Eve Pearl live, which was fantastic because I’ve been watching her videos for years. She’s a great makeup artist and an even more talented business women so deffinitly picked up some great words of advice.
Now for the best part of couse: HAULAGE!!

My 2011 IMATS Toronto Haul:

There was so many great products at great prices – If you’re a makeup artist, a lot of the discounts were the same as if you were to apply for the pro card. Makeup Forever ran out of colours so quickly I couldn’t even get my hands on a pallette (40%off, same as the pro card)


LASHES: 15 Pairs for $20

OBSESSIVE COMPLUSIVE COSMETICS: LIP TAR $10 EACH – this product freakin rocks, I don’t know how to explain it enough like even if I was to use the tube every single day it would still probally last me about 3 years! You just need the tiniest little dab of it and you can also mix the colours together to get some gorgeous custom shades!


VARIOUS BRUSHES FROM CROWN BRUSHES AND ROYAL & LANGNICKLE: $2-$6 each! yup, thats it! And they’re all really good! The brush belt was only $15

EVE PEARL: Thumb palette $7 or $10

, I think I already lost it 🙁 It was so handy though

NYX PRODUCTS: The same price as if you were to get them at the discount cosmetic store at Bramalea City Centre… super long line.. deffinitly wasn’t worth the wait but you know me – I can’t help myself! Will be giving away some of these with my first giveaway!

FACE ATELIER: I was really excited about this one because I had been looking to get this foundation for quite some time. Built in primer, long lasting, sweat resistant but for me personally… I prefer something a tad bit more matte. 5 for $100 + 1 extra for myself for $20… to bad that the lady matched me with a a shade too dark! 🙁


MINK FALSE LASHES… Mink lashes are my favourite thing and I’m so excited to be launching my own line as well shortly. I got to try Velour for the first time and fell in love with the hype! JLO is addicted to mink and Madonna wears $10,000 lashes adorned with diamonds, I defiantly had my fun with these!


AND NARS… one of my favourite brands and I was finally able to pick up a palette. I know I spend a lot of money on makeup but never for myself, always for my kit. I could never really make spending $26 on ONE single eyeshadow colour make sense to me but I finally sucked it up. Sadly, nothing from NARS was reduced but I still picked up a palette for $60 and I love it! This is my favourite palette at the moment: (so much so, its already been used in the pic! )

And Of course… the brush belt! I’ve never come across one that has been big enough, visually appealing, enough compartments, easy to clean… so this deffinitly has me organized now!

And that’s it for now folks 🙂 <3 It’s saturday night – This princess is headed OUT! 😉


DMG Designz: More than Just Another Hair & Makeup Service

DMG Designz is a mobile in-home service that was created to make our clientele look and feel like celebrities. Our motto, “Are you DMG approved?” is what defines us from other aesthetic companies, as we firmly believe that to look & feel great you need the “DMG stamp of approval.”

Mission Statement

We are determined to provide our clients with the best service possible. No event or party is too big or small for the DMG Designz team, we can handle it all with our staff of four Makeup artist and four Hair stylist. We can transform your place into a salon for a couple of hours, and then back into your home when we are done. We travel to you on your special to save you time and money; our prices are lower than the salons and the quality that is incomparable. Our passion will surprise you, as we love waiting till the end when our clients are in their dress, just to see how amazing you look. All our approved girls have never been late for their event, we always make sure we arrive on time and leave more than enough time for your dressing. Every girl is a celebrity it’s just a matter of having it brought out and that’s exactly what our service does!!

 We treat each client specially and appreciate their unique physical attributes. We work with your face shape, clothing, jewellery and shoes to create an overall look that is unique to you. We will have you looking like you just walked off a runway in Paris, or straight off the scene of a magazine shoot. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are flexible with our schedules AND we accommodate you to the fullest. We will come to you and get you ready in the comfort of your own home, using only the best quality products the industry can possibly offer.

DMG will create a look that is long lasting and will undoubtedly capture your fabulous look in all of your pictures to ensure that your memories last forever and will always be captivating. We have significant experience with the industry as we have affiliated ourselves with clothing designers, Magazines, Beauty competitions and Fashion shows so we are always on top of our game.

How are we different & how do we set ourselves apart from others?

–          We enjoy what we do, and have successfully participated in many events free of charge so that people can witness our talent first hand.

–          We work with what you have to make you magazine ready, helping you choose the proper jewellery to wear and which shoes look best.

–          We work with your vision and make sure you are completely thrilled with the final outcome.

–          We follow you to the washroom or mirror to witness your face when you see what we have done

–          We do not overbook; we have a record of always being 15 min early for all of our appointments.

–          We create a mini pre party while we get you ready, talking, gossiping in order to get you “pumped” for your special day

–          We work as your personal therapist, trainer, motivational speaker as we have witnessed first-hand that events can be stressful and it’s so refreshing to have a shoulder to lean on.

 Why I choose to be a part of DMG Designz: In this competitive industry I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work alongside my best friends of, wow time flies to fast to say how many years now, Darick G as well as Damara Oliveira and be a part of a team that has as much genuine passion for what they do as I have. It’s not about just doing a “gig” or making money, for us it’s about leaving a mark, creating a memory and providing our clients with the utmost respect and highest level of service – we are, after all, hired to work for you. DMG Designz has become a family, always striving for better


A Message to my Beautiful Brides-to-be

So you’re engaged! Congratulations! <3  Now what? 

Between invitations, décor details, disagreements with family, and all that running around and planning you have leading up the big event, make your final moment’s stress free and be at ease with the DMG Designz team.

Many brides contemplate doing their own makeup, having their friend/relative do it, or having it done professionally. A makeup artist understands elements of video/photographic makeup and how it will be affected by camera/film/lighting. As a professional makeup artist, I work with you prior to your wedding day, taking notes and I help you complete the look and vision you’ve been dreaming up for years. Working with colours that compliment your complexion – not just what the latest trend is – weather it is soft and natural, summer bronzed with shimmer, bombshell kitten, Bollywood goddess, traditional or anything in-between or beyond, always focusing on enhancing your features. Your personality and style plays a very large role in your overall look, which is why I always recommend a trial prior to the wedding date. This not only gives us the chance to try ideas, but also the opportunity to get to know one another before the wedding day to put you further at ease. Allow us to wrap your entire wedding party in pure romance and luxury with makeup that lasts through the tears, dancing, kisses and running around <3

Lots of Love,

Neelam K saini

IFFA Brampton

Spotlight: Mr DMG Himself!

IFFA Brampton

Darick Gangaram
Lead Stylist
President of DMG Designz

DMG Designz was created and founded by Darick Mohammad Ghannie-Gangaram (or Darick Gangaram). At the early age of 12 he discovered he had a talent, to create things by just looking at a picture. He learned how to transform a person, with hair and make-up and give them confidence everyone should have. Getting his mother ready for any event become a hobby for Darick, His mother is his Queen and he loved making her feel like one. But he never expected people to notice her hair and makeup, but they did. That is where the questions started “Who got you ready, you curls are still in and you look fabulous.” His mother told them that her son did, and everyone was shocking wondering how a 12 year old can do this with no training.

Darick also known as DMG has an eye for things, he would look at a person and know how to make them look like a star. Then the word got around and now 8 years later DMG was created. DMG entered the industry working for another established make-up artist, but she tried stealing his technique and belittled him. That’s when he created DMG Designz with his friend Neelam Saini in 2008, and it has bloomed to where it is today. Struggling to show people his talent, he kept networking and people kept talking about him. He did multiple events for free or without pay just to show people what he’s got. DMG is believer of the saying “Just get your foot through the door.” Now his work is being featured in magazines and in multiple fashion shows around the GTA and Montreal.

People started noticing DMG is not only hair and make-up but also a trained choreographer.  Darick and Neelam both have a solid dance background, they used these skills to create different looks at photo shoots and be able to take an average girl and make her into a model. DMG was a teacher at Lets Dance Studio Mississauga and for many events in the GTA, being the choreographer for Miss Kohinoor International, Miss Pakistan World, Candles of Hope, St. Augustine’s Fashion show and many others. Darick created the term “are you DMG approved!” to show pride in everything he does, he will tell you when something does not look right, and he lives for the compliments of his clients after their event. Teaching you your best angles and different poses for the camera is something DMG does for all of his clients, already included in their service 🙂

“Everyone can be a model, its just a matter of the right make up the right hair and the right angle”
– Darick M G

“Take life as it is, Live everyday like its your last, But still plan for Tomorrow, Because it may still come, Dream, Accomplish and Never give up!”
– Darick M G

“Live, Learn, and represent what you believe in… Dont affiliate your name or companies name with people you feel are not worthy”
– Darick M G

“Having PRIDE in what you do is what we stand for, We enjoy give our clients make overs, and we enjoy working with others in our Industry!”
– Darick MG