Client: Preeti – Bollywood Party Makeup

Just because us artists know what we’re doing when it comes to hair and/or makeup, doesn’t mean we like to get ourselves ready all the time. Sometimes we want to sit back and get pampered just like the rest of our clients <3

Here’s a short clip of myself and Darick G (#DMGDesignz) dolling up one of our artists for a glamorous Bollywood night out

For Bookings and inquires, get in touch with us through our Services page or email

xox Love, Neelu
Lead MUA for DMG Designz
Lash Stylist at Red Carpet Glamour

Shellac Polish on my Toes and Why it was the Worst Idea Ever…

I’m a sucker for sales and probably every marketers dream they say!

I went in for just a basic manicure and pedicure ($45) but ended up walking out with a $75 bill which included $30’s worth of up-selling lol *fail*

But my feet did look and feel great so that makes it O.K right? 🙂

So here I am today, sitting on my kitchen floor, with foil paper over my toes, in the spare 30mins I had before my gym class….


Why, you may ask? It’s been a bit over three weeks and my toe nails have really started to grow out to the point they bother me when I’m wearing my runners. My schedule hasn’t allowed me to get out for another pedicure and the shellac is to thick to get a smooth cut through with a basic nail cutter 🙁

To top it off, can you see what’s wrong in the image below?


Let me show you…


Yup, the acetone decided it wanted to have a hidden leak today and corroded the paint in our BRAND NEW DINING TABLE… Anyone know how to hide it before my husband figures out what happened? LOL 🙁


Your hands endure your day-to-day activities…. getting washed 10x a day, opening cans, picking your teeth (whatever it may be). But your toes? Your toes just roam around comfortably in your socks, sandals, slippers (talk about living the good life). Nail polish on your toes always lasts longer than on your hands! *captain obvious here*

If you’re anything like me, worried about it wearing off because you’ll end up living with that chipped polish for more than a week or you cant sit still waiting for your nails to dry for more than 10mins (only to later find that something dug into a not completely dry part!) Seche vite makes the most amazing topcoat you’ll ever try!


It dries your polish to-the-touch in just 2mins and creates a beautifully thick super high-gloss finish on your nails. I always pick mine up at Sally’s Beauty Supply for like $7 bucks and it lasts me a year because I rarely have the patience to do my nails at home!

xox Neelu


One Product I Won’t be Wasting my Money on and Why you Shouldn’t Either…


Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic Lip-Perfecting System Website Description:

“Super-charge your lipcare routine with our breakthrough fabulips ‘pout’-o-matic, the must-have beauty tool for women who must have beautiful lips. This pro-powered lip-perfecting device uses gentle rotation and a custom-designed head with massaging nubs to softly yet effectively stimulate and exfoliate your pair, buffing away flakiness and dryness. Used with our nourishing fabulips sugar lip scrub, ‘pout’-o-matic will instantly revitalize, rejuvenate and smooth. The result: soft, healthy, beautiful lips that will look even more amazing with your favorite lip color.”

The Kit comes with the pout-o-matic device, Fabulips sugar lip scrub and batteries included and sells for $69.00. Replacement heads need to later be purchased.

Are you kidding me? I feel sorry for the poor saps out there that actually go out and by this new “device” :/

How can you get a flake-free kissable pout at a fraction of a cost?


Step One: Before bed, slather on a good amount of your favourite chapstick/lip treatment: I love Fresh Lip Treatment. It’s a bit thick but it really hydrates and leaves my lips so soft in the morning.

Step Two: When you’re brushing your teeth, lightly brush over your lips with your toothbrush! All the flaky bits will come off and the ones that wont, will come off when you do it again tomorrow. If you find that the toothbrush method is too harsh for your skin, you can also use a wash cloth to gently rub off dead skin from your lips.

Not only does this exfoliate your lips, it also increases blood circulation making your lips more plump naturally.

Step Three: Throw on some more chapstick/lip treatment until you’re ready to put on your lipstick. Heck, you might as well throw on a lip plumper if you’d like even fuller lips or make your own with cinnamon/cloves/cayenne pepper mixed with burts bees lip balm (let me know if you’d like a quick tutorial) When you’re lips are freshly exfoliated, it’ll soak in a lot better giving you more than your normal results!

There you go! Now go find something awesome to spend that $69.00 you just saved on and leave me some love below 😛 <3


8 Yoga Tips for Beginners: Interview with Yoga Instructor Annu Gaidhu

Starting yoga for the first time can be intimidating simply because it’s different than your usual workout… It’s not just picking up a weight or hoping on to a piece of equipment.

I remember the first time I attended a yoga class. The whole class had a flow; I was looking around trying to figure out where to put what hand and what leg into the sky at what angle. Needless to say – I didn’t go back. There was nothing I liked about it.


At least not until I discovered hot yoga – I love steam rooms! I love how your skin just glows, how much lighter you feel after. And then I thought, running an hour on a treadmill to burn “X” amount of calories or hanging out in a steam room, getting more beautiful skin, just doing some poses to burn “X” amount of calories in an hour… I had to try again!


So I tried again, this time at another company. The instructor at this location and the way she taught our yoga “practice” was so much different than the first time; she asked who was new, she explained to only do what you can, listen to your body and lay down when you need a breath. She broke down each of the poses, she came around to make sure we were doing them right, adjust us when we weren’t. She taught us how to get into a pose, how to come out of them and how to push yourself further when you were comfortable.

The first few classes I still felt silly and self-conscious but once I was able to let go of my ego, listen to my body and clear my mind… a lot of the wobbliness dissolved and I was completely hooked <3

Today we meet with Annu Gaidhu: Certified Yoga Instructor, University Student and Pageant Queen <3


What’s your zodiac sign?

What’s your educational background?
I am currently in my last year completing my undergrad for Child and Youth Care at Ryerson University. I have also completed my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training alongside Health and Wellness Coaching.


Your favourite quote?
Through my personal journey I believe the words of Buddha resonate with me best:

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future. Concentrate the mind in the present moment”.

I love this because I believe that each and every moment presents us with an opportunity to choose and see the perfection in our current circumstances. Too often we are consumed by the to “do lists” in life that we forget to embrace the current moment and to allow ourselves to let go, be free and detach ourselves from worries and stressors. We might not be where we want to be at times, but I believe we are precisely where we are supposed to be.

Describe a typical day for us: 
I always like to start my day off, as I tell my students, by setting an intention for myself for the day. Something I want to accomplish, an idea I want to challenge or simply a risk I want to take – I make sure to acknowledge it. Asides from my busy schedule with school, I make sure to take some time out for family, friends and some down time for me throughout. There isn’t a specific regime I have everyday, its always a new day filled with new opportunities, just the way i like it!

What do you love about teaching yoga?
For me the greatest gift you can give someone is to show them how to love themselves. I love teaching yoga because through its practice an energy that lives inside each person can be summoned. It can bring the best version of yourself to the forefront. I believe we all have a unique purpose here in this world, something that is worth tuning into and paying attention to. Through my teaching I can bring something good into the world and inspire another human being. That is the greatest gift of all. My message is simple: I encourage getting out of your comfort zone and to just breathe. It is easy to focus purely on what comes easy to us and what we are good at. Things are difficult for a reason and we hold the most tension in the parts of the body we don’t usually focus on because we shy away from pain. Know what pain is and acknowledge it is here and needs to be here; it is how we move forward. The resistance you feel is important. Let this go when you step on your mat and focus on your least favorite poses as they are the keys to the evolution of your soul.


What do you love about practising yoga?
What I love about practising yoga is that it allows for an hour during my day for what I like to call “mindful me time”. I get an hour to let go, detach away from society and just focus on myself. Anything that I am holding on to that was stressing me out or weighing on my mind, I use this time to acknowledge it and then begin to let it go. Each class is an empty canvas that I can physically, mentally and spiritually work together to strengthen that unique beauty we all have inside of us.


Has it taught you anything you wouldn’t have expected?
Definitely! My path to yoga has allowed me to discover who I am. Through my first yoga class three years ago I was amazed at how much balance and ease that one class brought to my life. I wasn’t really a person who would go to the gym consistently, but I realized very quickly that for that one hour it was just me, myself and my mat.  Also, there were no weights or machines that I had to pretend I knew how to use haha. I was able to I discovered a practice that left me feeling grounded, confident and better able to deal with stress.

What’s your “Zen”?
My zen is doing what I love with the people I love.

How is yoga beneficial?
Yoga is beneficial in many ways. Yoga is aimed to unite the body, mind and spirit. It helps you raise awareness around your body’s posture, alignment and patterns of movement. You have an environment in which you can completely de-stress and start to feel healthier, be more energetic, happier and peaceful.


Yoga as spiritual practice or yoga to get in shape?
I believe when you are on your mat it becomes your own personal practice unique to no one else but yourself. Whether that is for a spiritual purpose, to get in shape or even both! You make it what you want and kick ass while doing it!

Any advice for the ones that have never tried yoga?
Yoga is definitely something I would recommend everyone to try at least once in their life. One thing I always encourage others to be mindful of is not to pay too much attention to what the pose is “supposed” to look like. What you should be focusing on is how your body is feeling and only taking it to wherever is comfortable for you. Its your own practice, listen to how your body is feeling. Don’t be what you are told to be, don’t be what you tell yourself to be. Be what you know is true to your heart. Also, drink LOTS OF WATER especially if it’s a hot yoga class!


What’s essential to get started?
Some tips I feel are essential to get started for your first yoga class would be:

1.   Always remember yoga is suitable and beneficial for all individuals! Despite your age or fitness level— so when you go into your first class, don’t be intimidated because it is your own practice. No one is judging you so don’t let your ego guide you!

2.   Choose a basic yoga flow class if its your first time. Don’t jump into a power yoga class or classes that are more advanced. Flow classes still give you the workout you desire but focus more on basic asanas (poses) as opposed to more complex ones.

3.   Be at class at least 15 minutes before it begins. This way you have time to set up your mat, change and find a spot you feel comfortable in, without disrupting others in the room.

4.   It is extremely important to speak to the instructor before class if you have any injuries or medical concerns so that they are aware. This way if any modifications need to be made, or if any personal recommendations need to be made, you have the opportunity to address them beforehand.

5.   Wear loose clothing! This is your time to sweat so wear something you’re comfortable in. Bring lots of water so you can remain hydrated. And if you don’t own your own yoga mat, generally all studios have communal ones to rent so don’t worry!

6.   Eat light before class! It’s not a good idea to do practice with an empty stomach because at the end of the day, you may start feeling light headed as the body and mind requires fuel. If you want to eat a quick snack before the class, you can grab yogurt, fruit or vegetables. A lightly filled stomach will provide you a better edge to get into some poses, and give you the energy you need.

7.   It is extremely important for silence when participating in the class. Maintaining silence in the room is difficult when someone’s cell is ringing—plus it’s distracting for your fellow yogis. Be mindful of the other students sharing their love and energy with you.

8.   The last and most important tip I feel is essential for your first class is to just breathe through it all, be happy and embrace your practice to the best you can make it. Happy Learning!

And Lastly, What’s your favourite yoga pose?
I love king pigeon pose ! one of my absolute favorites. Hard at first but well worth the practice.


Get in touch with Annu to start your yoga journey!
Contact number: 647-622-4195
Instagram: @blissyogawithannu


Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox Sugar Lip Treatment

This winter has been wreaking havoc on my lips. I smile, they crack. I purposely smile to see how dry they really are – they crack and bleed. I tried blistex (the blue little container), the traditional white squeeze tube and the moisture melt… nothing was really repairing them.

Then I came across my empty tube of Fresh Inc Sugar Lip Treatment… for two days I took out whatever little bit was left with a qtip and slathered what I could all over my lips.

Hallelujah! *a halo glows*

I now remember every reason why I love this lip treatment SO FREAKIN MUCH and WHYY ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY <3 After just two days, my lips are almost completely back to normal!!

Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox


For a more detailed blog, check out my past post here:


Interview with Personal Trainer Amrita Ramsingh and a Guilt-Free Snacking Recipe


Meet Amrita Ramsingh: Mother of two, loving wife, certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, family and kid’s yoga instructor and founder of CurveAppeal. From surprise scalp massages with her yoga sessions to grocery shopping and cooking in the kitchen with her clients, Amrita puts her own realistic spin on getting in shape today!

Why did you decide to get into fitness?
I got tired of looking like an aunty at a young age and got tired of being fat. I realized there are a lot of women like me who need help so CurveAppeal was born


Describe your workout routine?
Being a busy mom and business owner, sometimes I do miss workouts but this is the routine I have plan weekly and do my best to stick to:

Mondays: legs… my favourite
Tues: cardio & Core
Wed: Back & Biceps
Thur: Cardio & and a 30 minute massage
Fri: Chest & Shoulders and Triceps

What would you say is your favouriteeeeee exercise?
I love leg days so it’s one I don’t ever miss. Squats have to be my favourite: I am all for a curvy nice tight ass!


What do you hate?
I hate burpees but I manage to talk myself into doing them!

How do you stay motivated?
Being able to see how much more I can push myself, how much more I can do, how much more I can lift than last week is what motivates me. Most of all, my kids are so proud of me so I’m also doing it for them. I hated being a fatty, so having gone through that, I know I never want to be that girl again.


What is the most annoying fitness myth out there?
Girls that lift heavy will look like a man. That’s so far from the truth

What annoying question do you get asked the most? And the answer?
People are always curious to know how old I am! Some people say I look 25 – that’s good, I enjoy that 🙂 Then they look at my kids age and know well, I cant be 25. I never answer… I don’t feel old anymore and that’s all that matters!

How important is nutrition if someone works out consistently?
You can train until you are blue in the face 7 days a week but if your nutrition is crap all that working out is a complete waste. If you eat crap – you will look like crap and feel like crap too!

Your favourite breakfast foods:
My favorite, that I will have 2 times a year, is peanut butter and guava jelly sandwich. That’s my treat. But like I said, you get what you put in – I don’t want to look and feel like crap… so it’s eggs most mornings. It’s usually one whole egg and 6 whites sautéed with veggies (kale, zucchini, or mushrooms), some days a slice of toast to go with it.

What do you eat before and after a workout?
Before working out: Something with low G.I
After working out: a protein shake

 Tell us your view on “cheat” days?
I don’t believe in cheat days, you can do a cheat meal…but NOT a whole day. I think you should be able to eat anything you want in moderation. One bad meal won’t make you fat just like one clean meal won’t make you fit. It all boils down to balance and moderation

Do you have any advice for staying fit on the go?
There are no excuses: It’s so easy to do squats, lunges and push-ups anywhere! Those three exercises work all of your big muscles… You don’t need equipment.

Give us your absolute favourite guilt-free food:


– 1 cup oats
–  2 small ripe bananas
– 1/2tablespoon of cinnamon
– 2 spoons peanut butter

Preheat oven for 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and bake in a nonstick pan for 30 minutes. Let cool & enjoy! 🙂

Get in touch with Amrita to get started on your fitness goals:
tel. 647 638 4847

Me and My Hubby: Our Fairytale Engagement

After MONTHS of planning and driving everyone up the wall (im so blessed to have such AMAZINGGGG friends and family that love me SOOO MUCHHHH and put up with it all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox x100000000000000000000) it came out so much better than I could have even imagined! <3

Being a makeup artist and being around weddings, photo shoots and sets ALL the time, all I wanted to do was something epic and different. Something romantic that I hadn’t seen but still reflected us <3 After my original plan was scratched (that would have taken a budget of $50,000.00+ LOL… *sighs* one day), I had to put my feet back on the ground and get thinking again… let me know what you thought 🙂


Hair, Makeup & Shoot Coordination by the DMG Designz team of course!! <3

The beautiifulllll setup on the beach by Naz Z of Hasnain Designs
Jewellry by none other than Unique Rainbow Designs
Lengha from Chandan Fashion

Videography and Editing by Gurpreet Dhillon of Avex Studioz

Location: Sherkston Shores Resort

Photography: Ifty Alam (photos to follow in next post 🙂 )

Of course a huggeeeee special thanks to my parents for keeping us all fed and happy 😛 Plus my two helping hands (best girls ever xox) Damara & Tasha <3

And babe if you’re reading this – which I’m sure you will because you’re so unbelievably supporting of everything that I do – I love you so much and I couldn’t be happier… Most amazing start to the rest of our lives <3 Every day since the day that I met you I just fall for you more and more and I know I tell you everytime but it’s true, you’re more than I could have ever dreamed of xox *mwah*

pro discounts

Do you qualify? Pro Makeup Artist Discounts you’ve got to Apply for! Valid In CANADA!

As requested, I’ve put together a list for my aspiring artists of companies that offer professional makeup artist discounts! 😀 The biggest headache I found when I was applying had to be going through all the work only to receive an email back saying the program was only available in the U.S arghhhh… so this post is especially for you my fellow Canadians <3 xox pretty awesome, eh 😉

 And if you found it useful, please share and comment! If you let me know it’s been useful to you all or not, I’ll continue to update it and put a *** in front of the new ones added to the list each time <3


My personal favourite – Most of my supplies come from here!  Mary is amazing and the shipping is always speedy <3

Discount: 20% off, many exclusive products… they also have a 5% discount for aspiring artist (see page for further details)

Pick just ONE of the following to send us. Send to

  • A call sheet dated within the last 12 months. (A call sheet for a paid job, not a test job) and a copy of your driver’s license
  • A union ID and a copy of your driver’s license
  • A current Cosmetology license and a copy of your driver’s license
  • A link to an IMBD page with your name as makeup artist or assistant and a copy of your driver’s license
  • Website portfolio with published print ads or published editorials. Please send a link to your website portfolio. Social Media sites are not accepted.
  • Scan of an editorial in a magazine with your name as Makeup and/or Hair (ezines/internet magazines will not be accepted) this must be a magazine in print and available on newsstands, your name must be readable with a copy of your driver’s license.

Cost: None



Discount:  up to 30% off nearly all makeup, kits (up to 3 kits a year), and accessories

Photo identification and two pieces of professional criteria must be emailed, mailed or faxed after the application is submitted. Examples of professional identification include: Business Card with name and specific profession, editorial page with name credit, union card, head shot & resume, professional license, diploma/certificate, composite card, publication masthead, program/press materials with name, contract on production company letterhead, crew/call list on production company letterhead, professional letter of reference of employment. The required identification must be current, indicate your name and specific profession.

Cost: $35.00


Discount: 40%

One of the following: website, IMDb listing; letter of employment on letterhead, agency composite card, union card or makeup artist diploma from recognized school.

Cost: None



Discount: 40% for artists / 30% for Students, Aesthetician, Cosmetologist, Performers/On-Air Talent, Fashion Stylist/Costume Designer, Photographer, Model, Hairstylist, and Nail Technician.

provide two current pieces from the following that indicate your selected category/profession:
Composite Card, Business Card with name and specific profession, Editorial Page with name credit, Union Card, Professional License, Diploma/Certificate, Publication Masthead, Program/press Materials with name, Contract on Production Company Letterhead, Crew/Call List on Prod. Co. Letterhead, Professional Letter of Reference of Employment.

A Head Shot & Resume can only be used by Model or Performer/On-Air-Talent applicants. We do not accept business licenses, websites, pay stubs or tax forms as Professional Criteria.

Cost:  $45.00 annual        (Renewal $85.00)



Discount: 15% off subscription, 10% off IMATS tickets with exclusive PRO-ONLY times and expedited entry during normal show hours, other benefits

Government-issued photo ID, résumé, three items from the following list: editorial page with name credit, diploma or certificate from recognized make-up academy, program / press materials listing your name, recent contract on production company letterhead, recent paystub from a production company, recent crew / call list on production company letterhead, IMDB listing, current dedicated website showcasing work

Cost: None



Discount: 20-40%

a copy of your picture ID AND at least two of the following: business card, tear sheet or editorial page with name credit, agency information, call sheet with your name listed as the hairstylist or makeup artist, a working link to a website that promotes your work, state license, and portfolio.

Cost: None



Discount: 40% VIP, 30% Freelance, 20% Student


Smashbox PRO Artist – VIP (40% discount)
We require 2 of the following, plus a COPY OF PHOTO ID:
o Valid union card
o Copy of a current agency ZED card OR comp card
o Copy of your business card
o 2 professional tear sheets that include your name

Smashbox PRO Artist – FREELANCER (30% discount)
We require 2 of the following, plus a COPY OF PHOTO ID:
o Valid cosmetology OR esthetician license
o Professional letter of reference
o Copy of your business card
o Crew call list
o Valid makeup artistry certificate within the last 5 years

Smashbox PRO Artist – STUDENT (20% discount)*
*only valid while enrolled in school
We require BOTH of the following:
• Proof of current enrollment
• Valid ID

Cost: None



Discount: 30% off all TEMPTU items excluding TEMPTU kits and non-TEMPTU products, 10% of TEMPTU PRO kits PLUS free shipping on orders over $100

Must provide 2 of the following:

  • Tear sheet w/ name credit
  • Valid Union Card
  • Agency Comp Card
  • Crew/Call Sheet w/ name credit
  • Letter of Employment
  • Valid Cosmetology or Aesthetician license

Cost: $30.00 Annual Fee Redeemable in product during your first 30 days of membership.



Spotlight: Raadiyah Marries Agha

We had the honour of getting to know Raadiyah and her family all throughout the year 2013 <3 After her bridal trial, she had us booked for each of her prewedding events along with the wedding and the DMG team had a ton of fun coming up with her looks. We wanted looks that would have her looking completely different at each event but we wanted to make sure that Raadiyah still looked and felt like herself <3

Captured by Hina Zainab Photography, below are a few shots from each of her wedding functions…

][ Engagement Photoshoot ][

200105_608365495841778_2142629524_n 942815_608363062508688_382634606_n 995415_629367270408267_558375316_n

][ Mendhi Ceremony ][

1454942_708180515860275_735771907_n 1468548_708180589193601_738927689_n

][ Wedding Ceremony ][

575458_708195495858777_1848223940_n 1453236_708195705858756_1362007092_n 1453298_708195452525448_421113803_n 1466089_708195622525431_362822855_n 1501778_708195772525416_313617177_n

][ The Reception ][

1487411_713840201960973_1381923754_n 1513255_713840155294311_1843980492_n 1533896_713840285294298_250696341_n