Shellac Polish on my Toes and Why it was the Worst Idea Ever…

I’m a sucker for sales and probably every marketers dream they say!

I went in for just a basic manicure and pedicure ($45) but ended up walking out with a $75 bill which included $30’s worth of up-selling lol *fail*

But my feet did look and feel great so that makes it O.K right? 🙂

So here I am today, sitting on my kitchen floor, with foil paper over my toes, in the spare 30mins I had before my gym class….


Why, you may ask? It’s been a bit over three weeks and my toe nails have really started to grow out to the point they bother me when I’m wearing my runners. My schedule hasn’t allowed me to get out for another pedicure and the shellac is to thick to get a smooth cut through with a basic nail cutter 🙁

To top it off, can you see what’s wrong in the image below?


Let me show you…


Yup, the acetone decided it wanted to have a hidden leak today and corroded the paint in our BRAND NEW DINING TABLE… Anyone know how to hide it before my husband figures out what happened? LOL 🙁


Your hands endure your day-to-day activities…. getting washed 10x a day, opening cans, picking your teeth (whatever it may be). But your toes? Your toes just roam around comfortably in your socks, sandals, slippers (talk about living the good life). Nail polish on your toes always lasts longer than on your hands! *captain obvious here*

If you’re anything like me, worried about it wearing off because you’ll end up living with that chipped polish for more than a week or you cant sit still waiting for your nails to dry for more than 10mins (only to later find that something dug into a not completely dry part!) Seche vite makes the most amazing topcoat you’ll ever try!


It dries your polish to-the-touch in just 2mins and creates a beautifully thick super high-gloss finish on your nails. I always pick mine up at Sally’s Beauty Supply for like $7 bucks and it lasts me a year because I rarely have the patience to do my nails at home!

xox Neelu


One Product I Won’t be Wasting my Money on and Why you Shouldn’t Either…


Bliss Fabulips Pout-o-matic Lip-Perfecting System Website Description:

“Super-charge your lipcare routine with our breakthrough fabulips ‘pout’-o-matic, the must-have beauty tool for women who must have beautiful lips. This pro-powered lip-perfecting device uses gentle rotation and a custom-designed head with massaging nubs to softly yet effectively stimulate and exfoliate your pair, buffing away flakiness and dryness. Used with our nourishing fabulips sugar lip scrub, ‘pout’-o-matic will instantly revitalize, rejuvenate and smooth. The result: soft, healthy, beautiful lips that will look even more amazing with your favorite lip color.”

The Kit comes with the pout-o-matic device, Fabulips sugar lip scrub and batteries included and sells for $69.00. Replacement heads need to later be purchased.

Are you kidding me? I feel sorry for the poor saps out there that actually go out and by this new “device” :/

How can you get a flake-free kissable pout at a fraction of a cost?


Step One: Before bed, slather on a good amount of your favourite chapstick/lip treatment: I love Fresh Lip Treatment. It’s a bit thick but it really hydrates and leaves my lips so soft in the morning.

Step Two: When you’re brushing your teeth, lightly brush over your lips with your toothbrush! All the flaky bits will come off and the ones that wont, will come off when you do it again tomorrow. If you find that the toothbrush method is too harsh for your skin, you can also use a wash cloth to gently rub off dead skin from your lips.

Not only does this exfoliate your lips, it also increases blood circulation making your lips more plump naturally.

Step Three: Throw on some more chapstick/lip treatment until you’re ready to put on your lipstick. Heck, you might as well throw on a lip plumper if you’d like even fuller lips or make your own with cinnamon/cloves/cayenne pepper mixed with burts bees lip balm (let me know if you’d like a quick tutorial) When you’re lips are freshly exfoliated, it’ll soak in a lot better giving you more than your normal results!

There you go! Now go find something awesome to spend that $69.00 you just saved on and leave me some love below 😛 <3