Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox Sugar Lip Treatment

This winter has been wreaking havoc on my lips. I smile, they crack. I purposely smile to see how dry they really are – they crack and bleed. I tried blistex (the blue little container), the traditional white squeeze tube and the moisture melt… nothing was really repairing them.

Then I came across my empty tube of Fresh Inc Sugar Lip Treatment… for two days I took out whatever little bit was left with a qtip and slathered what I could all over my lips.

Hallelujah! *a halo glows*

I now remember every reason why I love this lip treatment SO FREAKIN MUCH and WHYY ITS WORTH EVERY PENNY <3 After just two days, my lips are almost completely back to normal!!

Fresh Inc… you’ve done a good good thing xox


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